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kowenicki said:
Azuren said:

Just going to point out the obvious in that you linked to LG to discuss OLED reliability, as if they aren't going to be obscenely biased.


Here's a link from an actual burn-in test that is still ongoing from a website that legitimately doesn't care which TV is the best, since they make money from any links used to buy TV's:


Testing last years models, also testing in ridiculous conditions imo.  But anyway, from this very test where they actually recommend the LG as the best TV for gaming (lol):


Hi, why not do the burn-in test on a newer model OLED since they say they "fixed" / "improved" the problem?

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, our resources are limited and we couldn't justify the costs of buying an additional LG C7 for this test (we still require our review unit for the rest of the year). While it is true that more modern models might have some features to slow-down image retention and reduce the speed at which it happens, it is our understanding that aging is an inherent limitation of OLED technology that to this day has not been completely solved.


and more importantly...

I love that you are doing this burn-in test! It's something I've wondered about for some time. It looks like the OLED is struggling already, so why do you recommend the top TV for gaming to be OLED? If you are doing a ton of gaming, you will likely end up with burn-in, no?

While it is true that completely static UI elements found in some games might cause an issue over time, it would require hundreds of hours playing the same game for a relatively minute burn-in of the shape to appear (and games where the UI uses less saturated colors should take a longer time), but without actually being visible in use. Since the effect is cumulative, it is definitely possible for this to happen after months of playing the same game, but we expect this to not be a problem for most people. Users that often leave their TV on most of the day with a news channel playing in the background are a more likely candidate for permanent retention than most gamers in our opinion. However, OLEDs do also suffer from temporary retention which can definitely appear with most normal gaming usage.



But of course VGC ends up saying "buy a sony!!!"

If you must go LED, buy a samsung QLED.   Simple.

But of course you are going to end up saying "Don't buy a Sony." because you've always been bias against Sony. Simple.