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Wright said:
Airaku said:

I figured you were going to bring up the first DMC which I agree was far from perfect, along with Dead Rising. Though in Dead Rising's defense I still stand by the first game, a 360 exclusive not only being the best but also the most impressive for it's time. As fairly early on gen 7 release that came out in 2006 that game blew my mind. That was back when I was playing pretty much every 360 release since games were coming out so slowly and I got the console day one. I absolutely love that game but it feels as if Capcom could never recreate the magic since. Some say Dead Rising 2 was better but me, nah. Dead Rising was pure magic. Not to mention a lot of other games I've mentioned really seem to hit a mark even if they got ported down the road


I want to say that yeah, Dead Rising 1 has a unique magic that no other DR game managed to replicate, even if I did love Dead Rising 2 as well (then went a bit downhill from there). But I don't think Capcom's games focused on one single platform are always the ones getting the magical touch. On top of recent memory, Dragon's Dogma was developed as a multiplatform game and it was fantastic. And I've heard a lot of praise for Resident Evil 7, though I haven't played it myself yet. Somehow SFV and DR3, despite their exclusiveness (less so in the case of SFV since it is on PC too) were worse games than their counterparts.

Definitely play Resident Evil 7. It's fantastic. As for your point with your console argument. Perhaps it's just me being a huge Capcom fans for years, but had this debate took place even half a decade ago. I don't feel like there would be much of a debate to being with as it was something that was brought up in consistent manner in many online gaming communities back in the day. Especially in the 6th gen Capcom's exclusives were pretty much always above their multiplat games.  This also tended to be true for gen 7. Here in now with Gen 8 their exclusives aren't so hot, but asides from Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Revelations 2.... how many games of a high caliber quality did they release? Multiplat or not. I would argue that the answer is not very many. Some will even debate Revelations 2 because the game was on a tight budget, but for what it was. Storywise and what not, it's one of the best Resident Evil games in my opinion. It mixed up the older atmospheres with the newer style of gameplay and created a very intense and even emotional story, despite it being more targeted to the more die hard Resident Evil fans. I mean it does reference older plot points from RE5, RE1, RE2, CVX, rev 1 along  with easter eggs and jokes from all those. Resident Evil 7 on the other hand has a much broader appeal for standing on its own and having more subtle connections to the overall RE universe. It's still very much connected as much as people like to deny it. Some of the documents you find may even tie into a mysterious element of RE2, but some of the details leaves room for speculation.

Getting back on track. What I'm trying to say is that Generation 8 hasn't exactly been the hottest for Capcom. I'm not entirely sure mentioning games like SFV, or DR3 is substantial material when the overall quality of their games, multiplat or not... has been below the average quality fans expect from Capcom. So far we have 2 that has had great reception from either the fans or critics alike. I really can't think of anything other than those two that isn't ported from a past generation. Speaking of which, another initial exclusive I forgot to mention is Okami. Shame on me for forgetting that one.