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Puppyroach said:

I have been extremely skeptical about the industry´s transition to 4K from the start and felt that it was overhyped and not as visible a change as people claimed.

Well, I was utterly and completely wrong on every front. I actually told myself a week ago that I would buy an Xbox One X and a 4K TV since I needed a new TV anyway.

I have now used my computer, played games and watched movies on my 49" Phlips 6482 with my computer and Xbox One X for a couple of days and can only say.... wow.  The pixel density and sharpness of the image is visible right away and it is the first time since I got a 360 back in 2007 that I have felt amazed by the image quality.

And HDR is as impressive as the new resolution. Old games like Ninja Gaiden Black feel like remastered games now, thay look so amazing? And HDR makes every image become more vivid and vibrant.

Any more people that have made the complete jump? Experiences?

Unless I have a 72 inch television minimum and all of my major video sources are in 4k, it's just not worth it at this point.