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Tmfwang said:
Pemalite said:

Yeah. They can get rather lengthy.
The Pro though isn't dumping the entire optical disk contents to the hard drive, the Xbox One is, there is Pro's and Con's to both approaches I guess.

The entire disk contents are infact being "dumped" on the PS4 as well.

Not during the initial install it's not. It's literally impossible to do within mere minutes.

Tmfwang said:

You can use external hard drives on PS4 as well, just btw :)

Do keep up. I have already elaborated on some of the big differences between external drive support.

DonFerrari said:

to bad we know we won't go back to plug and play a disc, but certainly very close to the best we could currently get.

It would be nice!

I think what Microsoft is trying to do going forward is place hooks within the OS and install procedure so you don't need to install everything, cutting the amount of data that needs to be dumped onto the hard disk in the first place is a good way to reduce install times and save drive space.

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