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CGI-Quality said:
@ Pemalite: Serves you right for skipping the more attractive Scorpio Edition!

I was literally an hour late. AN HOUR LATE.
So I had to get into the second wave of pre-orders. Haha



Played some Overwatch. It's now locked at 1080P, it still looks soft on my 1440P display though, but way way way better than what it used to be when things got hectic.

Downloading updates for Halo Wars 2, Halo 5, Diablo 3 and a few 360 titles. I'll give them a spin later.

CGI-Quality said:

Well, regarding just jumping into a game, I like the PS4's way of doing it, like the 360 before that. Just put the disc in and go! Other than that, so far, the system is lovely!

Didn't a few Xbox 360 games have mandated installs though? Can't remember. Feels like a generation ago. :P

Main reason for the Xbox 360's precedent is that... There were variations of the console with no internal storage.
Some consoles came with 256MB, some with 4GB. - So developers needed to keep those console in mind.

But it was better overall IMHO.

The Playstation 3's install procedures was tiresome, seems Sony learned from that with the Playstation 4.

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