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cmay227 said:

Xbox one x has 1440p support. 

I'll have a play around with it later to see what is up. I might need a better HDMI splitter.


Looking at the console, it's a very boring looking black box. Hopefully there is a special edition later for something a little more vibrant.

Azzanation said:

X1X Console has sold out in Australia and its 2nd Batch has also sold out. I told you the $650 price tag is an amazing price especially in Aus.

I have to wait for the 3rd batch of X1Xs to be delivered to get my hands on one. Ill have to use my PC for the time being.

If any one knows a place with stock please let me know so i can pick one up.

$650 AUD is $498 USD right now. So we aren't being ripped off for once.

I sold my original launch Xbox One console with Kinect for only $100 AUD which went towards this... And did I mention how much I miss kinect? I am probably like one of 5 people on Earth that does. Haha

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