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Pemalite said:

Some annoyances I have had:
* No 1440P support.
* Console isn't telling me what updates are available for games unless I attempt to launch the game.
* Still hate the UI. It's just not convenient to use with the UI scrolling left, right, up and down, hidden menu's, sub-menu's and so on.
* No Kinect Port. (Yeah yeah, I know. I enjoy using the voice commands to launch apps though.)

Otherwise... It's still very much an Xbox One, with all the good and the bad baggage that goes with it.
The External Hard Drive support is still amazing, Sony and Nintendo needs to catch on... Just plugged my drive in and... Up comes 250+ games already installed.

Also... Not sure I like the texturing on the new Xbox One controllers... Or if I am just used to the launch Xbox One controllers more uniform feel, see how I go over the next few days I guess.

Nice man, Xbox one X has confirmed 1440p and freesync support so monitor users rejoice, the external HDD support is indeed much better then on my PS4 and the speeds are quite good on it.

Can't wait to get mine today :D

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