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So looking through the data, it seems that ARMS legs will be small, having only sold an extra 130k this quarter(shipment, obviously).While still dissapointing compared to the other games on the Switch, Im still of the opinion that the game did very well for a new IP on a genre thats not as ppular as it once was on a system with not many systems sold as of yet.

Splatoon 2 is the biggest "surprise" here I think.Taking away what it sold in japan(roughly 1.5 million), it did around 2.1 millions around the world, and thats honestly a great number.Yes, the first game also did well overseas, but the second title seems to climbing faster the the first one, and with the Switch still supply constrained, its bound to get a huge bump in the holiday season.

Just as a side note, looking through the Wii U software numbers, I just wished that Nintendo released some damn hard numbers on XCX.Basing on VGC numbers, its very likely it reached 1 million units sold, but goddammit, I wanted a definitive answer.

And now gonna wait for the Rabbids numbers.When is the Ubisoft shareholders meeeting be?