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Barkley said:
SuperNova said:

The values within the brackets are dollars, obviously, but the values that literally say 'million yen' behind them are in yen I'd hope.

But then the conversion is not correct. For example:

61,580 million yen = $542NOT $542 million

So there's either some zeros missing on the yen side of things or some generously added ones on the dollar side of things. :P

I think you're misunderstanding.

It's 61,580 million yen... a.k.a 61,580,000,000 yen or 61.58 Billion Yen.

Which is $542 Million.

AH it is THAT kind of comma! Ok, yeah. Over here we use dots for that kind of thing. I think comma and dot are exactly reversed here. The comma is exclusively used to indicate decimals of any given unit.

Thanks for clearing that up for me!