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curl-6 said:
Pemalite said:

I disagree. The 7th Gen showed that three consoles can compete in the dedicated home console market with the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii doing amazingly well.

Actually... That statement is false.


- I think that only worked cos Wii was nothing like PS3/360 though; never have three similar consoles all done well.

Well. That's just moving goal posts. :P
I mean. You aren't wrong though, I doubt the Wii would have succeeded if it was just another Playstation 3/Xbox 360-type machine.

curl-6 said:

- I can't see a general purpose tablet API giving as good optimization as a device designed specifically for gaming and pretty much gaming alone. Switch has its own custom API, "NVN" built specifically for the hardware. Tablets don't have this luxury as even Metal has to work on numerous different hardwares and can't be tailored specifically to any single one.

That's not a fault of the API though. The API works just as efficiently regardless of how many platforms it is on.

The issue is developers need to contend with varying types of hardware and their intrinsic capabilities, which as I elaborated prior, is where the Switch's strength ultimately lays.

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