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LadyJasmine said:
Errorist76 said:

How many immigrants who didn't know English did your nation let in in its existence?! Your clearly xenophobic and full of prejudices.

Most immigrants that come into Canada these days come through the points-based system that values learning either English or French beforehand.

Also, many of the refugees brought into the nation were pre-selected by the government as well. 

Furthermore, I  have read a lot of German politicians have looked to the Canadian system in how to shape the German system...

Reality is the Germany refugee experiment in 2015 was a disaster that was only corrected afterward shifting the focusing on reducing the numbers to a manageable levels and to focus on national security issues. 

Most likely he believed you to be an American.

But your post is why I always laugh when a bunch of Americans get upset over Immigration reform in America and then go to say they want to move to Canada, which as you point out has very thorough imigration policy.