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Darc Requiem said:
Intrinsic said:

But do you see how stupid that is? Like if they want to post npd numbers, leak it out to some friend thats not even in the same country via whatsapp or something and have them post it if they don't want their jobs to be at stake. 

This is even worse..... this is the internet for crying out loud. If NPD is actively looking for leaks, is VGC the best place to post said leaks and somehow next expect attention?

Do you think everyone that vists the NPD thread on VGC knows for certain not to take those numbers,  copy and paste them on some website somehere? I mean.... who really has ever succeded in controlling the internet.

1. They could be doing that. We don't know if the person that is leaking the numbers truly has direct access or is being used as an intermediary.

2. The leaker specifically said don't take these numbers and post them directly to NeoGAF. So anyone that did so was just being a dick.

Yes people on the internet are pricks. Instead focusing on the people that are taking the risk to post NPD numbers, we should focus our disdain on the assholes that help get the leakers exposed. The internet didn't used to be full jerks. People used to be called out or even shunned for bad behavior. Maybe if that were still the case, there would less jerks around. Sure there is always going to be that one guy/girl. However letting people slide just encourages more people to be inconsiderate douchebags. 

The same discussion as last month.

So please entertain us on why the person who is not following the wishes of someone that is breaking his contract is worse than someone that is really breaking his contract. Without using the "but if he didn't break we wouldn't get the numbers".

Also explain how NeoGaf being so much bigger and this being the internet the numbers wouldn't get there at one time or another.

The own leaker then admitted that he knew it would but hoped it would take 1 or 2 days instead of hours.

This idiotic discussion seems just like people that rip Manga, Anime, Series, etc, subtitle and ask others not to take the credit. They guy is robbing others IP, doing his translation because he wants and think he can be pissed that someone is doing the same to him.

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