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Dude you're rushing it. From your list I gather that you're probably not much into hiking, taking the scenic route, gorgeous landscapes and rural towns and villages (God, you find the BEST fucking bread in little french and spanish villages. They usually still have a genuine baker with a fucking wood fired oven.), so you'll probably be fine with your pace but you're cutting out the best part imo. Also since most of your vacation will be spent on planes probably, be prepared to be exhausted and tired a lot of the time.

As fas as recommendations go, you have a tight schedule so it would be good to know what you're interested in. Is it just nightlife? Or are you interested in landmarks and cultural stuff too?

Paris alone can easily be a week long trip, if you even want to get close to seeing all the worthwhile stuff and have a chance to really dive into the nightlife.
A day stop in paris is only fine if you're spending three weeks in the country and have been there before imo. You need about a day for versaille, same for the Louvre, while half a day will do for the Eiffel Tower (I'd actually recommend doing it right before dusk, you get to see the city by last daylight get to watch the sunset and the gorgeou city by night), At that point you haven't even seen the catacombs or champs elisees or any of the city really, or had delicious macarons and ice cream.