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I didn't think MS was going to be able to moneyhat it....apparently I was wrong.

well, depends on how you see it. those 10 million dollars (or however much they paid for this time-exclusive deal) will undoubtedly go to the development of FFXIII series (or partially at least)


so... I, for one, am willing to overlook this and applaud Microsoft's money throwing..


Screw FF...Star Ocean is my favorite RPG...not that I purchased my PS3 for it...but this really is forcing me to save up for a 360 earlier than I wanted to. MS disgusts me...but if it buys out all my favorite games, I have no choice but to give in.

It's a clear case that Microsoft is throwing their money/weight around, and Sony is obviously unwilling to match it. (they didn't when Microsoft gave 50million for DLC), Heck, do you really expect Sony to?

As much as it might suck for fans of the series, just wait for a year max until it comes to PS3


or just buy a 360, if you want to.

Because Sony isn't the big arrogant company everybody thinks they are...it's MS. But, they're the one that gets praised anyway. I'll admit it, I'm a PS fanboy, and I'm pissed. I see a huge down spiral for the PS brand...and MS is holding the knife as well as Sony aiming the gun at their own foot. It's time to move on, 360 and the Wii are the future...PS is pretty much dead to me now.

 Remember Microsoft has been doing this FOR YEARS in PC market, so I'm not surprised. 

I don't see any downgrade for PS brands, you are just pissed because your game is delayed. Although comments like 360 and Wii are the future is just immature. You are just sounding like a 4 yr old who just lost her lollipop.

Come on, we are all adults here. You lose battles, you win the war, the console war is far from over.

When's the big comeback that will turn things around and call it game over for the Wii?

Let's be realistic for once. Find a singe reason to explain me why PS3 can still win the war.

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