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I agree wholeheartedly.

I was excited when the Wii U was announced, because of the option of portability. I know there are a lot of times I'm playing on my home console that I feel like wanting to play this portable, or times I'm playing on my handheld and thinking, I want to hook this up to tv and lay back and relax and play on big screen.

The Wii U was a promise undelivered. The range was just too pathetic. You had to basically be on the same couch you would be playing on the tv with to play handheld. No bathroom, no bedroom, no kitchen, no walking around. Obviously no outside the house on the go.

The Switch not only did all that perfectly, it managed to be more powerful, smaller, sleeker, and just all around cooler looking. It reminds me of the first iphone being released. It just has the wow amazing look and effect. It's like all amazing inventions, it almost seems to simple and obvious that you wonder why it isn't being done by everyone already.