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KBG29 said:
PAOerfulone said:

From the looks of it, 2017 could be the PS4's peak year by a comfortable margin.
Let's see what the holiday season holds.
I expect some heavy bundling (Call of Duty, Gran Turismo, Star Wars) and perhaps even a price cut, (for all models), in response to what could be stiff competition in the forms of the Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch.

Things continue to look very good this year, even with the Switch launch, and the looming XOX. I do think Sony will play very hard this holiday to try and set their place on top in stone as much as possible. No doubt 2017 will be the best year so far for PS4, but I would't count out 2018 yet. Tons of games, and very good chance of even more hardware versions/revisions, and price cuts. 

I also think this holiday and next year will see PlayStation Vue really make a dent in the US. It is by far the best TV service on the market, and they are adding locals at a blistering rate now. If Americans really hate the prices of their current TV set up, then the idea of a $200 PS4 and a $40 a month service, that offers massively increased value over Direct TV, Comcast, and Time Warner should be an easy choice. I get all the locals in my area now, and I pay $140 a month for PS Vue and Broadband, compaired to $240 a month for the old Comcast set up which offered much, much less content, and extreamly limited DVR.

The addition of games like Gran Turismo Sport, Doom, Skyrim, Ace Combat, many other titles, and hopefully a price drop, should start to make PSVR a very huge console mover as well. If they drop a PS4 Premium to bridge the gap to PS5 in 2020, and incorperate all the necessary VR compnents into the box, they should stay very attractive against whatever MS does with XOX, and Rift/Vive.

Sony has everything in place to make the PS4 even more successful than the PS2, they just need to not mees up.

That was your monthly cable/internet bill? Holy shit. Can you give me a rough idea what that gave you in terms of channels, connection speed, and data cap?

On topic. I wish we had this service in Canada, but thanks to our terrible regulatory body, the CRTC, who's only job is to fuck everything up, it's possible we won't have it for years, if ever.

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