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Fantastic sales for the PS4. Over 50k for the week. It's so far up YOY that it will surely beat the 1.8m PS4 did last year which would be it's best ever year and would mean the PS4 outsold PS3's peak 2 years in a row! I think it's time the PS4 got the praise it deserves. Keeping traditional home consoles on the map in Japan.

Now DQ11 second week. Over 500k retail and likely 50-100k digital. PS4 first shipment now gone and we are into it's second shipment. Fantastic second week and bodes well for legs. Again a big fuck you to all the MR Negatives over on gaf that doubted the series just because it was releasing on PS4. It has done good on both platforms.

Now with Digital this is likely past FF15 and PS4 now has a new champion. I have no doubt it will beat 1.5m easily with digital. Great performance and it bodes well for PS4's big exclusives in Japan, KH3 and MHW.

Crash with a very modest debut but gives it a little bump to it's already massive WW sales.

Next up in Japan is everybody's gold and uncharted lost legacy? Then it's trials of the cold steel, gran turismo and the likes of fifa/PES? Hopefully PS4 keeps selling up YOY for the next while.