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KLAMarine said:
outlawauron said:

Well, I took your statement to be a general one amount money being paid to the government. He was being evicted from his home on his property because he didn't have government utilities (water, electricity, heat, etc). That's due to $$, and not anything else.

Worth a read: http://www.fox10tv.com/story/29326010/city-responds-to-couple-trying-to-live-off-the-grid


Did you read your article? It clearly says they are required to get permits, in other words give us money (taxes) and we will let you live the way we say you can. Sounds like pay up, do what we think is best for you and its all good. Not being allowed to live in a trailer is a bad excuse, they simply want to control what he can and can't do, but will allow it if he ponies up cash. Besides his trailer looks nice, not run down. He has what he needs, but they feel he needs to listen to their rules for the benifit of others that he isnt actually effecting. I don't buy it. How much are the permits? who gets to approve them? he isn't stealing city resources.