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sethnintendo said:
barneystinson69 said:

Oh god...

Look, its 1:18 am, so I'm probably going to leave after saying this (in case I say something I regret later on). The bill itself wasn't suppose to be drafted into law, most republicans in the senate didn't like the bill, and only voted for it because they were promised it wouldn't be put into law. The goal of passing this was to ultimately bring this back into the house, and start working on getting amendments into place. This bill itself was a fucking joke, so to say this represented what the GOP wanted is ahrdly accurate.

So what is the point on voting on a bill that won't become law.  They didn't put it up for debate or amendments.  They tried to push this turd through.  It's their own damn fault.  It's like going into to solving a problem with no solution.

And that is why I agree on what John Mccain did! Constantly having to play these political gymnastics is crazy, and it would be better to have cooperation between both parties. I was just rebuffing your statement when you the GOP didn't want lower premiums, because that isn't true. 

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