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binary solo said:

"jihad as patriotic in spirit."

But that's not the true meaning of Jihad, like, at all.

So it's just another co-opting of a word for political control. Shouldn't really be surprised.

Turkey is devolving fast. I wonder if this would be happening if the EU had been more welcoming of Turkey as a member of the back before Erdogan started dismantling the secular bulwarks upon which modern Turkey was founded.

I got curious enough to look up what it really means. It looks like teaching people the true meaning of Jihad can't hurt to weaken its politically charged meaning. The number one definition in Meriam-Webster is a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty Reading this national geographic article from 2003, that seems incorrect. Yet in the West that is the main or only interpretation nowadays.

But indeed, nothing to do with patriotism.