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Barkley said:
Lenny93 said:

Playstation 4 sells will taper off in 2018. Shipped does not equal sold through. They will ship half that amount (9 million) in the 2018-2019 financial year and 5 million in the next one after that, so 92 million to be precise.

According to Wikipedia it has sold 3.4 Million by the end of June, I underestimated it a bit, it will probably exceed 4 Million when it's all said and done. But the other point in that post was to assert that BOTW would sell more, which it has, on a far smaller install base.

Yet the PS4 is selling through this year faster then it has in any other year, so shipped or sold through ps4 is doing fantastic. That you think PS4 shipments will drop by 50% next year is incredible. PS4 will ship around 14-15m units next year.

The 3.4m figure for Horizon is for the end of APRIL not June, Horizon should reach 6m no problem, games aren't so front loaded that they drop dead after 2 months.

I think the market for PS4 will reach saturation sooner than some are expecting, I could be wrong, time will tell.


"3.4 million copies had been sold by the month of June 2017 – of which, 915,000 were digital" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horizon_Zero_Dawn#Sales

Sales prediction, PS4: 122 Million, Xbox one: 50 million, Switch: 105 million.