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KLAMarine said:

Well if moves like KD's are okay then might I suggest Kawhi Leonard also join the Warriors? Hell, get Lebron James in there too and Kyrie Irving after. Let all the biggest talents in the NBA join the Warriors so that they will sweep all before them and they will all win rings next year.

Excellent, tense, down-to-the-wire 7-game series like those between Thunder and Warriors or between Warriors and Cavaliers last year be damned. Those are too exciting to watch, they need to be more dull and one-sided.

So the only reason you are giving to your current thought process towards the KD situation is that all NBA superstars could just go to one team? Two words: Salary Cap. All teams must abide by the salary cap. The Warriors aren't doing anything different than what any other team is capable of so why suggest Leonard join the Warriors? That would require many of the people on GSW to leave due Salary issues and disputes.

I guess I'm having a discussion with someone who doesn't understand how the NBA operates.

PS - Sarcasm is only funny when it makes sense. You just sound frustrated that you aren't getting your way in the playoffs. It goes that way sometimes but don't take it out on completely legal situations and judge somebody when you don't understand the situation.