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A_C_E said:
KLAMarine said:

Nah, some players stick with their team through thick and thin. Others seek out opportunities elsewhere.

And some like Durant shamelessly defect to a historic, 73-9 team that defeated his team in the last playoffs. I got no respect for players who are THAT desperate for a ring.

You are choosing to see it in a negative way, attaching meaningless social stigma to KD taking advantage of his greatest opportunity for a ring. No different than the rest of the sheep that lay hate upon KD just because he joined a team that just so happened to go up against a team that beat him the year prior.

Shameless? There's no shame in joining a winning team. Again that's on you to put that in negative light. KD was able to get over the loss but people no more than simple on-lookers can't? Salty.

Defection? Players get traded all the time, and all teams take losses from one another all over the place throughout the playoffs. You are looking at this situation and creating drama out of nothing.

It's a shame people allow their views to be infested with illogical social stigma.

I'm pretty sure KD isn't going to allow a bunch of baseless opinions stop him from making the smartest choice he could in the NBA.

Well if moves like KD's are okay then might I suggest Kawhi Leonard also join the Warriors? Hell, get Lebron James in there too and Kyrie Irving after. Let all the biggest talents in the NBA join the Warriors so that they will sweep all before them and they will all win rings next year.

Excellent, tense, down-to-the-wire 7-game series like those between Thunder and Warriors or between Warriors and Cavaliers last year be damned. Those are too exciting to watch, they need to be more dull and one-sided.