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Machiavellian said:
NATO said:

Should have just put more memory in to begin with, leaves way too easy a path to be overtaken again in the not to distant future, and if Scorpio loses its "most powerful console" shtick, it loses everything.

Its a mid gen console, why makes you think this is the last iteration for MS.  If anything when Sony is ready for their next gen so will MS.  The PS4 Pro and Scorpio will be the low end while the new consoles will be the high.  Having the scorpio as your low end seems pretty good for MS

It doesn't seem like a mid-gen refresh it seems like a whole new platform. I understand Microsoft have stated it will not have exclusive games but the hardware seems expensive and over-complicated. I can forsee it costing something like £399 in the UK while the ps4 pro is at £279 or even £249. The pro looks very cheap to make in comparison to the Scorpio.

So my Xbox one will run all the same games at 720p or 900p where as the Scorpio will run them at 4k or supersample 4k to 1080p? 

I'm not sure I'm going to be interested in upgrading to be honest if the ps5 will hits stores 18 months later and a new Xbox perhaps a year after that.