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brendude13 said:
vivster said:
"Serious observers are interpreting this shock result as a sign that students are now impatiently rejecting the relentless extremist propaganda taught under the guise of compulsory environmental-studies classes in British schools, confirming opinion-poll findings that the voters are no longer frightened by “global warming” scare stories, if they ever were."

Yeah I'll leave my opinion up to actual climate scientists, thank you.

There will always be back and forth consipiracy theories. I'd rather trust what 97% of scientists say.


Peh said:
crissindahouse said:
I live in the "Ruhrgebiet", an area in Germany where coal was a big thing in the past, where you couldn't see 10 meters because of all the smoke in the air and if someone wants to tell me that this shit was not a problem for the planet I can only feel bad for such a person.

You just need to look at Peking when the smog alarm goes off. 

I guess Trump wants this feature to be resident in the US. 


We need to protect this planet.

We dont yet have the technology or means to get to another habitable planet.

So this one needs to last that long.