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Super_Boom said:
Leadified said:

I'd disagree with that. Major faith leaders and many Christians believe that climate change is an ecological and moral crisis, this is a political mentality.

Fun fact, but one of my Engineering professors at college actually challenged Monckton, the guy in the OP, over this debate.


Why is it funny? Well because I went to the University of St. Thomas for my undergrad, a Christian affiliated university, and not only did the University throw their full support behind my professor, but Monckton even mocked him for being from a Bible Belt institution. Funny how people like to jump on board the "Christianity hates science herp derp" without bothering to look into the actual discussion.

The British guy was a real ass too, even mocking my prof's voice at one point. I invite people to look up Monckton's debate with John Abraham if they're really interested.

I'm kind of curious what Monckton's motivations are, he's a bit of a strange guy.