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TruckOSaurus said:
GoldenHand80 said:

What worries me is that Nintendo Switch has already shown its peak performance with Zelda. We all know that every year developers tend to push their games to the limits to utilize the full potential of hardware. PS4 and XB1 hardware still got a lot to offer for developers. Unfortunately, this isn't the case with the Nintendo Switch and we're likely going to see third party developers rapidly abandoning this platform. As a result, the sales of Nintendo Switch are likely to decline in its second year as it won't have a diverse library of games such as the ones on PS4 and XB1. In other words, I'm expecting the Nintendo Switch to have a similar fate to that of the Wii U.

You might have had a point there if you were talking about game quality because topping Breath of the Wild is a very tall order indeed. Yes, the Switch's first game might also be its highest rated but I have no doubt Nintendo will deliver other top notch games that will be critically aclaimed. 

Hardware performance doesn't matter at all, we already know the Switch is capable of supplying masterpieces of game design like BotW so it means any developper can do the same if they have the talent.

Making good games is what saved the PS3 and made it find its way back to competition. I really want Nintendo to deliver good games and succeed, I know they can make excellent games but they cannot rely on 1st party games only. I hope they get more 3rd party support for the Switch because that is a very important element for the success of any console. I'm just worried that because of is under-performance when compared to PS4 and XB1 plus the considerable hardware differences between the Switch and the other consoles (PS4 and XB1 share very similar core components), 3rd party developers might overlook the Switch. I agree that hardware performance isn't the single most important factor here but at the same time it should not be restrictive for developers.

I said this on many occasions and I'm going to say it again, I hate to see one company dominating the market whether it's Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony. I want to see a healthy competition because that will definitely be for the benefit of the consumer.

Many thanks