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JRPGfan said:
FIT_Gamer said:

Ironically enough though I love to swim.

My mom has that.

She loves to swim too, but really doesnt like getting her head below the water.

Guessing your not a fan of snorkling either?

I'm not afraid to under water, just get freaked out when I find my self in situation where I could potentially drown. I've never snorkled, but I have gone Scuba diving quite a few times, also use to go surfing ever summer when I was living in California.

I had experience where I got stuck under a set of floating stairs in a pool when I was kid and partially drowned. Ever since then I've had a fear of drowning. The only times I've freaked out since I had few times while surfing I tossed pretty badly by waves, disoriented, and got to point where I lost enough oxygen that I pissed myself before getting to the surface. Every time that has happened I'd go weeks without going into the water.