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Probably never,

First, the Democrats don't have power anywhere. I'm not talking about the House or Senate but also in State level government as well. The last part isn't specifically relevant beyond the fact it shows the Dems are in hot water. If the recent special elections are anything to go by, they can get the seats they need to actually win an election. Its even worse when you consider more senate seats are coming up in states Trump won vs states Hillary won.

I'm sure the anti-Trump liberals think "Yeah, we're a resistance. We're going to win big in 2018," but people aren't happy with the Left. You have Antifa which makes the Democrats look like Fascist. You have the Russia conspericay which makes the party look dumber the longer we go without any actually evidence (hint, you should drop it). You don't have any leadership with in the party? And what is the party platform? "We Hate Trump?" I'm sorry, you need something better than that.

The Democrats are in hot water when you consider that A)They are self-gerrymandering and B) they are scaring away the white working class. Democrats are moving more and more towards the cities. If you look at election maps, you'll see most counties were red. The only reason you even have Hillary with more popular votes is you have Democrats clustering in a few countries. Florida is a good example. The only blue counties were Hillsborough (Tampa), Orange (Orlando) and Miami-Dade (Miami, duh). The rest of the state was red. This hurts in most elections as the US is a representative Democracy. You give up the House and if a Blue state has one major city, you will only get one senate seat. And if you can't win the house or senate, you can't win the presidency. At the same time, Democrats are pushing away moderates. Democrats are anti-white in most of their policies and they say it all the time, but most of the US population is white. Ann Coulter made the point quite well: if Romney has won 71 percent of the Hispanic vote, he would have lost. If he won 4 percent more of the white vote, he would have won. Republicans only need to drive up the white votes and to Democrats who don't look at demographics, this seems like a winning strategy. Liberalism is killing the party (not that I mind since it means my side wins).

Now, this is just the start. You have to have something actually on him, and I mean something concrete. Not this flaky Russia garbage. If you try to impeach on nothing, you, at best, just ruin the party and at worst start a civil war. Just expect it will never happen.

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