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Ouroboros24 said:
SuaveSocialist said:

For three hundred (and counting!) separate acts of corruption within his regime.
https://corrupt.af  Click link, scroll down, click any given article for full details.
Among them, you find there are lots of reasons to remove Beloved Leader from office...not that the West Korean government has the integrity to do so.

Headlines: "Trump, with financial intersts in Manila Property, invites murderous Duterte to white house."

"Kushner failed to disclose involvement in real estate finance startup, loans from banks."

"State department promotes Ivanka Trump's book"

"Epa dismisses members of scientific Review board, Trump muls appointing industry interests"

Those are some of the random headlines they list as impeachment crimes.  Seems to me like they're just throwing the kitchen sink in there for good measure.  Haha, sorry but a lot of those articles are smoke without fire.  But you know what, there are like 300 articles, so I can't be sure.  Do a brother a favor and get the most damming articles for me, please?  And btw, a lot of those could be said of the last president.

Very true.

Anthony Weiner sexted a 16 year old girl for months and he's still in the clear. That's the standard we're dealing with here, not the frivilous crap that could be said about any president.