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I doubt his job is in trouble. I think the HW division of Xbox is, though. If Scorpio does little to nothing for the XBO's sales, then MS is going to seriously reconsider having a XB2 come out. Sales that are really declining lately. We're probably going to see two months in a row, now, that the XBO hasn't been in the Top 100 on Amazon, while the Switch and PS4 remain in the Top 20. And when this is your strongest region and right now the #100 thing for the month is a cheap 3rd party Joy-con Wheel peripheral, that's not good.

It's still possible they may try again next gen, but it's going to be a little hard to match the PS's world brand status, especially if Sony is going to be launching PS5 in 2019. That'll be less than 2 years after the Scorpio launches that MS would have to tell its consumers they have yet another piece of upgraded HW that they want them to buy. I think that'll tick off a few people.

I think we may see them focus even more on PC gaming. They already have started in that direction with every Xbox exclusive now going to PC and their focus on Windows at E3 last year. So, the HW portion would be gone, but the SW one will remain. Though, they may rebrand the whole thing with Windows.