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The re-elections are certainly going to be... um... interesting. >.>;;

Some of Trump's more aggressive or outlandish moves have been blunted by the establishment surrounding him, which could actually end up helping him in the long run. The 'skinny budget' his administration released would have impacted a lot of his own voting base with reduced services for education, the elderly, even some coal communities iirc with the cut of the Appalachian Regional Commission, but not all of these cuts would make it through Congress, especially those that have impacts in regions the Republicans want to retain. Same with the new health bill; the Senate has indicated pretty clearly that it wouldn't be passing it without some substantial changes, and blasted it for being slammed through the House in a manner that made Obamacare's passing downright leisurely by comparison. (Also worth noting that the Republican majority in the Senate is pretty thin, so I think even three or four moderate Republicans refusing to back the bill would be enough to kill it.) So the health bill and budget that gets through won't likely screw over as many people as the ones Trump are supporting would. This benefits him in two different ways; first, obviously, he doesn't shaft as many of his own voters as he originally would have, and second, he gets to blame any lingering cuts left in the bill on everyone else, even if the cuts were in his bill as well. "The Appalachian Regional Commission got cut?! NOT OUR COAL WORKERS! CLEARLY THE WORK OF THE EVIL DEMOCRATS!" "But Mr. President, your original bill also cut the-" "That sounds like Fake News I'm hearing!"

And it's kind of hard to tell how many of the other things that would personally irritate me even really matters to the average Trump voter. =P The clear intention to put big business interests above any environmental or regulatory concerns, (not just climate change,) for the sake of easy money is alarmingly short-sighted to me, but hard to tell how many people who voted for the guy give much of a shit about the environment in the first place. Trump's administration actually having less transparency than Obama's in some respects is, again, not encouraging in the slightest, but folks who just trust Trump unconditionally aren't going to care that he's hiding things from the public. The Commander In Chief's willingness to make decisive statements on subjects he doesn't actually know anything about is potentially disasterous, (NATO, China/North Korea, etc,) but again, a certain subset seem opposed to the very notion that it happens, or that it matters that the President makes decisions or statements without first educating himself on the subject.

If nothing else, be interesting to see him transition back into full Campaign Mode. I mean, he's already holding rallies of course, (his favorite part of the whole experience this past year or two, no doubt,) but when the Presidential race hits full swing, look forward to hearing the man who only recently admitted the job was 'not as easy as he expected' go right back to telling his supporters 'Imma make everything better, it'll be so EASY!'

Zanten, Doer Of The Things

Unless He Forgets In Which Case Zanten, Forgetter Of The Things

Or He Procrascinates, In Which Case Zanten, Doer Of The Things Later

Or It Involves Moving Furniture, in Which Case Zanten, F*** You.