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Ka-pi96 said:
All about chief? Halo 6 will suck then!

Locke > Chief


your one of the few to like locke, I havn't played halo 5 yet but in halo 4 it wasn't the story that people where dissapointed about it was the multiplayer in terms of story I really enjoyed it and that was also a chief story.

I think they will nail the SP with Halo 6 and from litterally every review halo 5 is prberbly the best halo multiplayer ever so they don't need to do much to get the multiplayer right. Also Halo didn't look as good as gears of other AAA- games on ps4 or xbox one but that came at the cost of 60fps which was quite impressive on the title judging by the digital foundry analyses its rock stable.

On the Scorpio we might just get both with the visuals and framerates. In all honesty Halo 6 will proberbly be the best multiplayer sci/fi shooter and thats exciting on its own :)

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