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shenlong213 said:

Why counting those 3rd party games like it will coming to another platform ?


Game such as Yakuza, Tekken 6 and previous titles, MGS IV and previous titles, Star Ocean series except SO1 ...  are exclusive games for PS


Like you can talk about Monster Hunter Tri, Red Steel, the last story, Arc Rise Fantasia, Fragile Dreams ... are exclusive for Nintendo because it obviously will never come to another platform such as PC, Xbox or PS


Then again, I never thinking about purchase a Nintendo hardware for killer specs games but Jrpg and exclusive 1st party

I edited in Monster Hunter 3 before your post. That should obviously be on the list.
I'm talking about them because quality is also a factor, and the biggest third party franchises majorly ignored Wii. And I obviously can't compare every one of the hundreds of exclusives to each other.

When you mention Fragile Dreams, I can mention an obscure PS3 exclusive as well. Folklore. But those games did not have a future.
Yes Wii had a handful of quality third party AAA exclusives. But they were also relatively few and rarely from popular franchises.