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1.) I don't understand why people are still putting in blu-ray in their builds when no PC user uses it other than for pirating movies, that cost doesn't exist on PCs lol.

2.) By the time the Scorpio comes out, the older AMD CPU and Motherboards will be even cheaper due to generation change.

3.) New GPUs will be out by the time the Scorpio comes out, rendering this thread utterly pointless because you'll get something more powerful at the price points we are at right now.

4.) I haven't paid for Windows since uh, 1994? I can't even fucking remember. Yet I still ended up with all legit copies of Windows 10 Pro, so I don't know wtf you guys are doing with that one.

5.) My price list is pretty accurate yet nobody talks about it. No to mention, what I mentioned above will follow on the list, making it even cheaper or more powerful(pick one) by the time the Scorpio is out.

6.) The functionality of a PC will always be more than a console, don't buy a fucking PC purely for gaming, that's wtf, get consoles if that's all you do.

7.) Get a fucking Switch you maggots, it's awesome.