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Mafioso said:

I'm an Nvidia fan, actually Team Green all the way. I simply don't buy AMD GPU's, much to do with the fact that i have a large 3DVision catalog i still like to go back to.

I have owned AMD GPU's going on decades. Even before they were technically GPU's.
But I don't get what you are trying to convey by stating your personal brand preference?

Mafioso said:

Scorpio is packing some smart engineering for a small form factor solution though, and i have no doubt it will serve my 4K HDR TV well with those console games. We'll have to have the games IQ do the talking when they actually come out, but seems all is there for developers to put forth a nice balance of eye candy at 4K w/ HDR. Of course not everything can be native 4K, i pressume dynamic scaling (not checkerbaord) will be preferred solution when otherwise to maintain higher IQ settings and framerate.

I'm not disputing that.


Mafioso said:

The GTX1060 argument is a funny one though. As a GTX780 owner that on these very forums was told that it wasn't up to snuff for 4K gaming when i used it as an example of 4K med/high capable i in the past following Scorpio's early spec unveil at E3(even though i did plenty of it at high settings), now a comparable 1060 is a better 4K alternative than what is in Scorpio ? If one is arguing a 1060 can do 4K, then one is arguing the Scorpio is adept for 4K also. 

4K it is. Glad that's out of the way...lol

I am using the Geforce 1060 as a reference point because we don't have all the details about Scorpio. In-case you aren't aware the only grounding point we have is Forza at 4k, 60fps with Xbox One levels of visuals with some processing to spare.
The Geforce 1060 can achieve exactly that as well. That isn't even up for debate.

Do I expect for there to be Scorpio games that run and look better than Forza? Shit yes. And I will take a look at those technical achievements when they have arrived.

But right now, with the examples that Microsoft has provided (Forza) it's nothing a Geforce 1060 can't handle. I'm not going to delve into what-if's or ad-homien.

Kerotan said:

While that's good the free games and extra discounts I get for ps plus sales more then makes up for it. The general sales are awesome on Playstation now too and software is super cheap if you're on a budget.

Have you not ever seen a Steam sale? It's far more substantual than anything you see on console.

Kerotan said:

There are also way too many exclusives that either never come to PC or take years and as a gamer that makes ps4 a must for me. 

You do realise the PC also has exclusives? Every platform does.

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