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caffeinade said:
Kerotan said:



Yeah I have to agree with this.  The optimisations on console games is the really big plus.  Developers know exactly what people will have and that makes it much easier on them. 

One big upside to the PC is free online, and a wealth of exclusives (mostly smaller, niche titles, but good games in their own right).
Over the course of a generation, the money you save on not paying for online, almost buys you your next PC / upgrade.

While that's good the free games and extra discounts I get for ps plus sales more then makes up for it. The general sales are awesome on Playstation now too and software is super cheap if you're on a budget. 


There are also way too many exclusives that either never come to PC or take years and as a gamer that makes ps4 a must for me. 


Both are good platforms though and ultimately you're better off having both a pc and a ps4 like me.