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Captain_Yuri said:
Mafioso said:

All that tells us is hints as to what we expect to pay vs Ps4 Pro. MS simply took an engineering approach to its performance and footprint goals.

Has no bearing on the box's actual performance as its a bespoke design meant to run Xbox/DX12  games to the metal...not poorly optimized,  driver overhead laden PC game code. 

Yes but we shouldn't act like optimization is magical... Optimization will certainly help the Scorpio do much more than it's PC counterpart but I doubt it will give so much power that it will be on par with the 1070 in most instances... Just as how the Ps4 Pro was not on par with the 1060 even though people were claiming the "optimization" will do just that and even more...


Apples and oranges.

For one Scorpio has a dedicated hardware to offload CPU utilization....meaning it doesnt need a monster i7 to push GPU utilization.

Reality Check: PC = A bunch of parts slapped together on a motherboard running copper traces.

A SoC engineered PRIMARILY for rendering graphics at the silicon level has unmitigated benefits and efficiencies.

Consoles do more with less, and PC parts age faster because after 1-2 years they are no longer the focus of the driver teams.

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