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Mr Puggsly said:
monocle_layton said:

Think about it. Since the Pro is old enough, they can make a $299 Pro slim or whatever and say, "hey, our console is only slightly weaker and $100+ cheaper".

People who see a $499 and $300-350 console will probably go for the cheaper

That same argument could be made when the PS5 launches. Scropio will be a very capable box that's cheaper and it will share games with the next Xbox.

PS4 Pro specs upgrade just wasn't big enough. They should have made a better upgrade for $499. It would have been more capable, more desired, and the average user on budget would have bought a PS4 Slim anyway.

Sony hasn't made many mistakes this gen, but PS4 Pro underdelivered.

So you're assuming the next xbox upgrade will be dragged down by those games having to work on scorpio as well as xboxnext?

Not sure that's an ideal scenario for MS right there.

I do agree in wishing Sony had gone for a $500 upgrade though, especially if those $100 extra were spent on the processor. In any case it seems it wasn't in the cards as the scorpio will also be keeping Jaguar.