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Ruler said:
BasilZero said:

Just shows you how backwater of a company/group Atlus is when it comes to social media in the current age.

Its no wonder SEGA bought them, both companies fit the bill.


Even Nintendo doesnt go this extreme.

Nintendo claims every Nintendo Videogame for adrevenue, while this is a temporally thing to avoid spoilers for one single game. How does Sega look here like the worse guy?


Nintendo lets you keep the video up on youtube without restrictions while SEGA demands no videos being uploaded to heavy limitations.

I dont know how you can NOT see SEGA as the worse guy from this.

If you upload a Nintendo video, you get a copyright claim (which claims monetization which imo is fine since it keeps the video up on youtube) while SEGA videos you get a copyright strike which blocks or mutes the video completely, forces you to delete the videos and risks the channel getting suspended.

Its happened several times in the years before. Sonic games, Shining Force games, Persona games and even more recent : PUYO PUYO TETRIS. fricken tetris l0l.



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