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archer9234 said:
Nautilus said:

What are you disagreeing with me about?I just said that this measure is too extreme.

What I said is that I UNDERSTAND where they are comming from.I understand what the developers are feeling.They want you to experience the game as it should be, not treat it "as a movie".They poured they soul and years of work in this, after all.But this is still a choice that people can make, and trying to scare off streamers just wont work.

Atlus' argument still makes no sense. That's what I'm arguing about. People have choices. Just because atlus gets butt hurt, that someone wants to know the answer. Doesn't make it acceptable, to be an ass to people. And abuse the content ID system, on youtube.

Why not?Wether it is right or not, its Atlus prerogative to try and hold all streamers from streaming, wether that a good idea or not, or even a nice thing to do.Much like Nintendo and its relation to youtube, outside of reviews and fair use, Atlus can do whatever they want with their IPs.Videogame as a media is a bit different in the sense about streaming and videos about games, because usually games thrive on being shown to the public(as in, that usually translates to sales, because people get interested in the game, which is much different to other medias, as movies), but if Atlus dosent want to, they can do it.

It can be an ass move or whatever, but it makes sense, as I said before, though it dosent make it right or wrong.