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Nautilus said:
I can understand where this sentiment comes from.You create a story-heavy game, in which you put alot of hard work and passion in, just for people to spoil itself in the streams before playing the game and experiencing the game as it should.It must be frustrating for the developer.

Having said that, this is far too extreme.I understand blocking the stream option on PS4, but going after them on youtube?Thats just too much.

No. That agurment makes no sense. A person who is watching a stream. Doesn't have a gun to their head. That's forcing them to watch. That's like saying I have no choice in finding what was GTA 5 was about. I waited till the PC port was release. And I avoided ALL information about the game, for 2 years. Besides that it had 3 people you played as. If I can do that with GTA. Anyone can do that, with any game.

deskpro2k3 said:
BraLoD said:

Reviews give a lot of spoiler, about everything, the characters, the story, how the game works, some have lots of images and talk about secrets.

A movie is a completely different subject, though, a movie is made to people watch, it hurts it's directly hurts it basic purpose.
A video game is made to people play, watching it doesn't hurt it basic purpose, to be played, and thus is a non-issue.

I'm going to have to disagree with that because just like movies, there are games out there that is heavy on story, your overall experience diminishes if you know all the plot twist, secrets and ending beforehand.

No. You are wrong. Not everyone thinks that way. I decide if I want to spoil information about a movie/game etc. or not. Example: I still haven't watch Star Wars 7. I'm waiting for all 3 films to be complete. Then buy the boxset. Guess what: I decided I didn't care if I read some spoilers. I know Han dies, and why. Still buying the movies, once all 3 are done.