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KLAMarine said:
vivster said:
I had it multiple times on the left joycon, even died because of it once. I hold it about 1m away from the dock that sits in front of me on the table.
setsunatenshi said:
Yes, quite a few times they stop responding. Sometimes the direction i was pressing seems to get stuck and i need to change position just for them to react. It's pretty annoying and it only happens when playing in docked mode. I prefer playing in handheld mode but unfortunately i have no way to charge it and play at the same time :/

On a good note though, i'm enjoying zelda quite a bit and i've never liked any of the previous games in the series, so yeah... some silver lining there

If your joycons are giving you issues, please make use of the warranty and have Nintendo replace them. Do NOT let Nintendo off easy on this.


I feel quite passionate about this issue myself and if my joy-cons aren't functioning properly, I am going to hound Nintendo firmly until the issue is resolved.

Nintendo isn't worth the hassle. My time is worth more than some flimsy plastic controllers. Getting the pro controller soon anyway.

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