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Eagle367 said:
JWeinCom said:

Stupid?  So... you are suggesting that we should expect more Americans to die in Afghanistan and Iraq than Chicago?  The population of US citizens in those countries was like 200,000 at its peak.  And those were mostly young men in good physical shape, that weren't likely to die.

On the contrary, Chicago has over 2 million people.  I'm assuming age distribution is fairly typical, so we'd expect a lot of elderly and infants who are at an increased risk of dying.  If only half of one percent of the people of Chicago die per year, then we would still expect the number of deaths in Chicago to exceed the  American death toll of the Iraq and Afghan wars.

Just basic math man.

The title is a little misleading. It's not death rate its murder rate that means age is not of relevence. The old and young dying due to illnesses and other natural causes  and accidents are not part of the figures so that argument is gone. So more Chicagoans are have been killed than in Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined is the true story here

Yeah, that was my point.  That the title was dumb.