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Monty said: Just out of curiosity, Stromprophet... do you use the $ with MS in an attempt to prove you are a fanboy? I always found that was the #1 way to spot a fanboy... I guess it's funny to people because MicroSoft likes to make money, unlike Sony and Nintendo which are in it for the charity! As for the other issue, you won't even have to worry about flip-flopping.... I'll bet a kidney that if vgcharts makes it through 2007, they will NEVER once have the Wii as having a 2.1 million difference between shipped and sold figures!
Uh...you are aware I only have a 360 at the moment. How do you think I was able to measure the box when you were just throwing out guesses, what was that 6ft high for 7 boxes? No. That would be 49" for 7 boxes, and thus 4 ft high. I use M$ not because I'm a fanboy of any system. I just do, there's no particular reason. I owned all 3 last gen, I probably will again. That's how I roll, I don't really take sides. I bet you that both Nintendo and Sony will say they have more shipped than what this site claims they have sold when demand drops off.