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How many of you guys collect LEGO or like to buy those "special" sets that catch your eye?

It's starting to become an undeniable reality that we are becoming a LEGO family.  Most recently, my wife aquired all the Scooby Doo LEGO sets (5 total) while she just bought the Force Awakens Millennium Falcon.  My daughter has like over half the entire Friends line plus a few Disney Princess' sets.  I have a small handful of sets such as the LEGO Ideas Yellow Submarine set.  But before that, I have collected almost every Chracter Building Doctor Who construction set, and I currently own all but two sets out of the Assassin's Creed MegaBloks line.  Also from a gaming standpoint, I have almost every minifig from the first year of LEGO Dimensions and almost half of the second.  We've also been buying some of the Chinese knockoff superhero minifigs.  And as the price drops, we see ourselves picking up the DC Superheroes Girls line.

I've seen some pretty extensive collections which we are nowhere near there.  But given the past six years and seeing what out in the market, LEGO certainly is in the forefront of our frivous buying trends.  Anyone else here has an eye for LEGO or something similar?

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