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While Im not to good at law, this to me seems to be exaggerated by the left.

to me at least, theres the following good points.

1) this seems to just give fathers a say in the matter.

2) Just being sued does not mean the father will automatically win.

3) following the previous point. A rapist will probably not even have his case taken serious. Even if he manages to go to court, he will most definitely loose. But there is a chance the woman is falsely accusing the man of rape and he does have a right to defend himself, if she doesn't want the kid, maybe he does. No real street rapist will want to be tied down in child support.

4) Unless the women doesn't tell the father she is having an abortion, the law suit can only be to decide if to proceed or not. no money involve or prison.

5) following the previous point. The is no reprecaution for the mother. just the doctor, so as long as the doctor demands the father/husband is aware of the intent on the mother then there is no danger to the doctor. He can deny or proceed with no worries.

The only real problem I see here is that they added the $10k suit for fathers. Just for that some people would try to exploit it. Rapist automatically cant claim it, but their dumb enough to not read and do it anyways then loose. If this monetary gain was removed, this law who have nearly no problems to my concern.

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