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Continuing the tradition, we're back for another round of The Best Graphics Of The Year. We've got some good lookers already on the way, but plenty more still don't have release dates. I will add the ones I deem fit for this and take any considerations through the beginning of January 2018. After that, I'll put up a poll for 2017's best lookers and let you guys vote on who took the year, overall (just like here). Congratulations to Uncharted 4: Among Thieves for being VGChartz's Graphics King Of 2016!

As always, there aren't any right/wrong answers, but the top dogs (based on reviews/user feedback/word of mouth) will still be considered for the poll. For the next 11 months, we'll just keep introducing the best looking games in 2017! It MUST release this year, however, and CANNOT be a remaster of a game released years prior!

*Reminder* - Even if a game doesn't have a solid release date, all of these are either confirmed for 2017, or have release dates, SO AVOID DISCUSSIONS ABOUT THAT. For now, we'll just do the top 10 (I'll fill up as more dates and screens are released). Who will be 2017's GRAPHICS KING OF THE YEAR?!







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