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Wyrdness said:
Faelco said:

The best way to explain this is:

There is a difference between "is equal to" and "includes but is not limited to".

That's it.

Yet both of you have no concrete excuse about complaining about him posting news other than to moan, you're arguing this doesn't equal that yet admit the could be something on the horizon in other words admitting the news is still worth reporting anyway.

Nope, this "news" is not worth reporting (and not worth the name "news"). The Xenoblade rumors have been reported and were worth reporting. This is not, and barely deserves to be quoted in a user post on another thread. Really not worth an article, videos and new threads. There is a difference between people saying "I have a source telling me the game is coming", and a Nintendo employee saying "Look, there a Switch event next week" just like last time (and no mention of anything related to the game). Where was the same thread when she tweeted about the Switch's reveal in October?

There is a meta-thread for Switch rumors anyway, so it definititely doesn't deserve its own thread.