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This looks fun! Also, I made a kinda-sort of bingo thread about the Switch some time ago, I'm going to link it here.



As for the bingo from this thread itself:

Splatoon bundled with basic SKU.  The dock will be included with the tablet, but it will also be sold separately.
 BotW will be released on summer.
A list of Ubisoft games will be announced.
No Virtual Reality.
 Deluxe SKU (includes one game plus a Switch pro controller).
 Monster Hunter V HD announced for the Switch.
 Region free.
 Pikmin 4 announced.
 No new amiibos announced. They will be showed on the next show.
A lot of WiiU remasters. MK8, Mario Maker, Splatoon, Xenoblade X, Smash4...
Someone will do something meme-worthy
Nintendo Switch F-Zero being made by Shin'En. 
 EA will announce EA Sports games. But when released, they will be PS360 ports.
 Mario Kart 8.5 will include a propper battle mode.
 200-250€ price for the basic SKU. 50€ more the Deluxe bundle.
 Senran Kagura game announced, but not on the conference.
 Dragon Quest Builders announced.
 New IP from Nintendo.
 Eternal Darkness announced, but not released at launch. 2018.
 3D Mario at launch.
 Skyrim HD announced and confirmed.
 Gamecube VC.
 Sonic 3D first showed here.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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